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Mortal/Kinfolk: Character Creation Steps

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Mortal/Kinfolk: Character Creation Steps

Post  AST Jim on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:58 pm

Here are the five steps for character creation:

Step One: Character Concept
Choose Concept, Nature and Demeanor. Choose Clan

Step Two: Select Attributes
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Attribute categories (6/4/3; 5 freebies per dot).  No 5s entering play.

Step Three: Select Abilities
Prioritize primary, secondary, and tertiary Ability categories (11/7/4; 2 freebies per dot).  No 5s entering play.

Step Four: Select Advantages
Select Backgrounds (5; 1 freebie per dot); You get 3 free dots in Lores at Character Creation.

Step Five: Last Touches
Note your character's Willpower (3; 1 freebie per dot - max 5).  Select Merits and Flaws (7 max - kinfolk have access to additional exclusive merits & flaws).  Spend freebie points (21).

A note on Kinfolk: Kinfolk possess a number of advantages over mortals.  These include special merits/flaws, immunity to the Delirium, and the potential to learn Gifts down the road, all seemingly for free.  You might ask why, then, you would make a regular mortal?  The answer is there are a number of dilemmas kinfolk face.  The likelihood of the Caveman Treatment for kinfolk of both genders is very real and not to be taken lightly. In addition, you run the risk of enemies of the Garou actively seeking you out.  So be warned.  Those benefits come at a cost, even if it's not on your sheet.

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Re: Mortal/Kinfolk: Character Creation Steps

Post  Storyteller on Wed May 20, 2015 4:16 pm

A special background only available to Mortals/Kinfolk:

You've lived a long time, and you've seen a lot of younger - stupider - people come and go. This background is not a simple reflection of your age, it is a reflection of the insight you've gained in those years.

Every dot in Age gives a character a certain number of extra experience points to reflect the character's greater acumen, but this wisdom comes at the expense of your Physical traits. Note that the progression is not linear - the older you get, the more experience you have, and the less you find yourself in new and teachable moments.

If you find yourself without Physical Attributes to lose (minimum of 1 in every Physical Attribute), please contact the ST or ASTs, and they will select a physical flaw for you to take, without gaining credit for the Flaw points.

  1. Elder (age 36 - 45) +30 experience points, -1 Physical Attribute
  2. Antiquated (age 46 - 55) +55 experience points, -2 Physical Attributes, Cap of 4 in any Physical Attributes
  3. Antique (age 56 - 65) +75 experience points, -3 Physical Attributes, Cap of 3 in any Physical Attributes
  4. Venerable (age 66 - 75) +90 experience points, -4 Physical Attributes, Cap of 3 in any Physical Attributes
  5. Ancient (age 76+) +100 experience points, -5 Physical Attributes, Cap of 2 in any Physical Attributes

Please note that the older you are, the more respect and veneration you'd generally receive from your peers. This will require more interaction than the average mortal, and more time spent on the board, preferably pushing plot. If you don't want to take the additional commitment, don't take the additional XP.

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