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Garou - Learning Gifts and Rituals

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Garou - Learning Gifts and Rituals

Post  AST Jim on Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:47 am

After some discussion, in order to make gift learning equal to what the vampires have to in learn times for disciplines, this is the system that has been devised. As everyone knows learning a new gift requires finding and getting a spirit to agree to teach you. Rather than rp out every spirit communication which would be very long and tedious for all, learning gifts will be done on dice roll.  The dice pool will be your intelligence + Occult, with a difficulty of 5 for in tribe/Auspice/breed gifts and a DC of 8 for out of tribe/auspice/breed gifts. A failed roll means it will be a week before you can find another Spirit that is agreeable to ‘talk” a botched roll means it will take 2 weeks.  Post your requests in the “gift learning thread in you personal area, and I will  respond there with  whether or not you learned the new gift or have to wait.

Learning rituals will be by the book one week per level of the ritual desire ( ie  one week for level one, two weeks for level two and so forth.)  Three days for minor rituals. Rituals are learned on a dice roll of Rituals + Intelligence with the difficulty of said roll being ten minus your characters Intel. Those can be put in the gift learning thread as well.

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