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VtM: Addendum: For those of you coming from Seattle...

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VtM: Addendum: For those of you coming from Seattle...

Post  Storyteller on Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:01 am

The Emerald Domain has fallen.

The seeds of its destruction were planted almost as Prince Black took Praxis. The Sabbat were not pleased with the fall of the domain, so close to their precious Canada. Cardinal Strathcona was only pleased that none other than Damien Black had claimed Praxis. He began his plans.

On April 15th, authorities were called to a mansion outside the city around 2pm in the afternoon. When they arrived, the stately mansion that stood on the sprawling grounds was nearly burned to the ground. The 3 men and 1 woman outside the house were frantic that one of their number had not made it out. The police could do little for them, and the firemen knew that no one inside the house could survive the fire. They put it out, wrote their report, and told the group they would be back later to look for the man's body after the site had cooled down. When they arrived, they found two of the men's bodies, both horribly mutilated, and no sign of the other two occupants. Signs of struggle were everywhere.

The following night, in the city proper, several apartment buildings were gutted by fire. A large office building in Bellevue was burned so badly it had to be demolished. A bar in Tacoma, and an art studio in the city proper, a dance studio and a random house on a small lot in a quiet part of the city were all targeted. A smaller church in the middle of the city was also burned, but the clergy were able to stop the fire before major damage was sustained. From that night forward, the perplexed authorities referred to April 16th as 'The Night Seattle Burned.' No one was ever fingered for the crime.

((This may be updated as we decide who made it out of Seattle alive, and the circumstances of their escape.))

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