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Real Life Corporations and their In-Game Replacements

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Real Life Corporations and their In-Game Replacements

Post  AST Jim on Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:59 pm

The following WoD companies (or organizations) replace the listed real world counterparts.  Please keep in mind, besides the name switch, your character does not know any any further significance behind these entities unless staff tells you otherwise.

Real World Replacements 

Endron Oil: Replaces the Enron Corporation and, after it's bankruptcy, bought a controlling share in Exon-Mobile 

Sunburst Computers: Dell Inc.

Incognito: Replaces Anonymous

Tellus: Rockstar Games

King Distilleries: Anheiser-Busch 

Magadon Pharmaceuticals: Pfizer

O'Tolley's: McDonald's

Black Dog Game Factory: Wizards of the Coast

Avalon Plastics: Mattel Inc. 

RED Network: MSNBC

Shinzui Industries: Sony Corporation

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