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Guidelines for Tribe Availability for PC Garou Characters

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Guidelines for Tribe Availability for PC Garou Characters

Post  Storyteller on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:07 pm

All information is strictly OOC.  You'll still need appropriate Lores to know that some of these clans exist(ed).

Tribes of the Garou Nation:
Black Furies                       [Open]

Black Spiral Dancers            [Restricted/Banned] - And we mean highly restricted.  For mature, proven roleplayers and pack concepts (no loners)

Bone Gnawers                    [Open]

Bunyip                              [Banned] - They were exterminated by the other Garou

Children of Gaia                  [Open]

Croatan                            [Banned] - The Croatan sacrificed themselves to the last to banish the Eater of Souls

Fianna                              [Open]

Get of Fenris                     [Open]

Glass Walkers                    [Open]

Red Talons                        [Banned] - They really aren't a viable option in Rhode Island, where there is no native wolf population

Shadow Lords                   [Open]

Silent Striders                   [Open]

Silver Fangs                      [Open]

Skindancer                       [Banned] - Not for PCs

Uktena                             [Open]

Wendigo                           [Open]

White Howler                     [Banned] - The tribe gave itself over in it's entirety to the Wyrm.

Clans of the Beast Courts:
Stargazer                         [Open]
Hakken                            [Restricted] 
Boli Zouhisze                     [Restricted] 

Tribes of the Ahadi/Independent/Other Fera:
Ajaba [Restricted] - Why would a were-hyena moved to Rhode Island?

Ananasi [banned] 

Apis [Banned] - They were wiped out during the War of Rage.

Bastet [Restricted]

Camazotz [Banned] 

Corax [Restricted]

Grondr [Banned] - They were wiped out during the War of Rage.

Gurahl [Restricted]

Kitsune [Banned] - No, sorry. This is the World of Darkness, not an anime convention.

Mokolé [Restricted] - For mature role players only.

Nagah [Banned] - They're believed to be extinct, so there's not many of them. They're not well liked by other changing breeds.

Nuwisha [Restricted] - Not many of them. For mature role players only.

Ratkin [Open]

Rokea [Restricted] - It would be a pretty strange concept that would work for this game

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Re: Guidelines for Tribe Availability for PC Garou Characters

Post  AST Talespinner on Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:38 pm

At this writing, no fera are being accepted at this time.  This is unlikely to change unless a self-contained group comes into play.

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