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Guidelines for Faction Availability for PC Mage Characters

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Guidelines for Faction Availability for PC Mage Characters

Post  AST Jim on Sat Nov 07, 2015 12:16 am

The Nine Mystic Traditions
Akashayana (Akashic Brotherhood) - Affinity Spheres: Mind or Life [OPEN]
-Celestial Chorus - Affinity Spheres: Prime, Forces or Spirit [OPEN]
-Sahajiya (Cult of Ecstasy) - Affinity Spheres: Time, life or Mind [OPEN]
-Kha'vadi (Dreamspeakers) - Affinity Spheres: Spirit, Forces, Life or Matter [OPEN]
-Chakravanti (Euthanatoi) - Affinity Spheres: Entropy, Life or Spirit [OPEN]
-Order of Hermes - Affinity Spheres: Forces, or as per House [OPEN]
-Society of Ether - Affinity Spheres: Matter, Forces or Prime [OPEN]
-Verbenna - Affinity Spheres: Life or Forces [OPEN]
-Virtual Adepts - Affinity Spheres: Correspondence/Data or Forces [OPEN]

The Technocratic Union
(At present, the conventions of the Technocracy are not available for PC play)
-Iteration X - Affinity Spheres: Forces, Matter or Time
-New World Order - Affinity Spheres: Mind or Correspondence/Data
-Progenitors - Affinity Spheres: Life or Prime
-Syndicate - Affinity Spheres: Entropy, Mind or Primal Utility
-Void Engineers - Affinity Spheres: Dimensional Science, Correspondence or Forces

The Disparate Crafts
-Ahl-i-Batin - Affinity Spheres: Correspondence or Mind (never Entropy) [OPEN]
-Bata'a - Affinity Spheres: Life or Spirit [OPEN]
-Children of Knowledge - Affinity Spheres: Forces, Matter, Prime or Entropy [OPEN]
-Hollow Ones - Affinity Spheres: Any [OPEN]
-Kopa Loei - Affinity Spheres: Any [OPEN]
-Ngoma - Affinity Spheres: Life, Mind, Prime or Spirit [OPEN]
-Sisters of Hyppolyta - Affinity Spheres: Life or Mind [OPEN]
-Taftani - Affinity Spheres: Forces, Matter, Prime or Spirit [OPEN]
-Templar Knights - Affinity Spheres: Forces, Life, Mind or Prime [OPEN]
-Wu Lung - Affinity Spheres: Spirit, Forces, Matter or Life [OPEN]

The Others
-Orphans - Affinity Spheres: Any [OPEN]
-Marauders [Banned, NPCs only]
-Nephandi [Banned, NPCs only]

*please note, kinfolk Mage characters are not being entertained at this time

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