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Anarch Lore

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Anarch Lore

Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:07 am

Anarch Lore 1: What a wanna-be Anarch would know

Understands rep system
Has heard of the Convention of Thorns
Knows of the several interpretations of the Edict of Barbs
Understands the difference between mortal anarchy and the Anarch Movement
Understands how one goes about becoming a brother
Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the rep of another Anarch

Anarch Lore 2: What an FNG would know

Knows several interpretations of the Convention of Thorns
Can name a few of the more well-known gangs
Can name a few of the more prominent lone wolves
Knows that Anarchs are divided into factions
Has probably heard of Danton/Exsangue
Has heard of Anarch Curses
Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the gang of another Anarch (or if they are a Lone Wolf)

Anarch Lore 3: What an established one of the brothers would know

Knows basic history of the modern Anarch Movement
Can identify a few Anarch-held territories
Can name a number of Anarch gangs
Can name a number of Lone Wolves
Understands the different Anarch factions (moderates, terrorists and militants)
Has heard of Anarch Rituals
Understands what one Anarch Curses does
Aware of prominent Anarchs (Andi, Blade, Top, Stryfe, Smiling Jack, etc.)
Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the faction of another Anarch

Anarch Lore 4: What an Older would know

Knows something about the causes behind the original Anarch Revolt and its history
Knows about the Golden Age of Piracy
Can name most Anarch-held territories
Understands what one Anarch Rituals does
Understands what all of the Anarch Curses do
Has heard the legends of the great Anarchs (Galaric, Troile, Caine)
Can make a Static Lore Challenge to determine the history/background of another Anarch

Anarch Lore 5 - What a Baron or Lone Wolf behind the Movement would know

Knows the entire history of the Anarch Movement, past and present
Knows that the original Anarchs became the Sabbat
Understands why the Sabbat hate the Anarchs so much
Knows of most of the Anarch Rituals
Likely present (or at least alive) at the signing of the Convention of Thorns
May have participated in the original Anarch Revolt
Can garner rep, gang (or Lone Wolf), faction, and background history of another Anarch without a Challenge

Thanks to Liz and Jack of Emerald City Reborn

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