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Blood and Willpower Pools

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Blood and Willpower Pools

Post  Storyteller on Thu Apr 07, 2011 10:46 pm

Your blood and Willpower will be tracked in your character sheet forum. This thread will include your base Willpower rating, your current Willpower, your Willpower spends, your Blood Pool, your nightly starting Blood Pool and how many blood you may spend a turn.

Each night you refresh one willpower. This number may increase if you have taken action(s) that appeal to your nature. This will be left to Storyteller determination.

Your Nightly Blood Pool:
Each night your character begins at whatever your total blood pool was from the previous night minus 1 (one) for waking up. At the end of the night, your blood pool will rise or fall based on any of the following blood pool modifiers that are applicable to your character. This will prevent having to run excessive numbers of hunting scenes/rolls, unless your character is at a net minus. The following is a chart of modifiers that apply your nightly blood pool. All modifiers are cumulative to a maximum of +3/-5.

+1 Baby Face
+1 Harmless
+1 Friendly Face
+1 Sexy
-1 Ventrue Clan Flaw
+2 Efficient Digestion
-1 Visible Gangrel Beast Trait
+1 Dominate: Mesmerism
+1 Dominate: Forgetful Mind
+1 Appearance 4-5
+1 Presence: Awe
+1 Presence: Entrancement
-1 Stigmata
-1 Eerie Presence
-1 Prey Exclusion
-1 Obvious Predator
-1 Addiction
-1 Cold Breeze
-1 Death Sight
-1 Dulled Bite
-1 Lord of the Flies
-1 Parasitic Infestation
-1 Selective Digestion
-1 Shy
-1 Smell of the Grave
-1 Stench
-1 Touch of Frost
-2 Permenant Wound
-2 Monsterous
-2 Conspicuous Consumption
-2 Grip of the Damned
-2 Guilt Wracked
-1 Apparent Humanity 4-5
-2 Apparent Humanity 1-3
-1 Appearance 0

If you spend excessive amounts of blood/take aggravated damage or are somehow restricted from feeding you will need to discuss with the STs how you are recouping your losses.

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